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Achieve value with 3 uniquely linked elements of financial return by investing in a greener energy fund - pioneered by King.

Monthly Passive Income
Forecasted Multiple on Exit
100% Tax Write-Off

King's current Upside Fund represents opportunity to change tax brackets (finally in the right direction), while also achieving a forecasted IRR of 21% and a projected multiple of 3.5x on the investment in 3-5 years.

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How it works...

Investor partners achieve exceptional value with the innovative Acquire Develop Divest strategy which drives a forecasted multiple on exit.


Acquisition phase has been completed. The purchase of 50,000 acres of proven opportunity in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming marks the acquisition of a 7th proven asset, adding to a Fund portfolio of assets inclusive of 135 producing wells.


Development focuses on optimization and drilling. Optimization centers on effective well management and completing prioritized well workovers. Drilling centers on the
plan to break ground on 7 new wells. In the current fund, development efforts are forecasted to deliver a 21% IRR within the next 14 months.


The real game-changer for investors is an investment plan with the end in mind. Achieving an exit with a forecasted 3.5x multiple is the primary focus. That’s the endgame here. The divestiture milestone for the current fund is in 3-5 years.

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